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October Sunset

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Sunset at Walden Pond is different every time.  Tonight, from my kayak, it looked like a big flame diving down behind the trees.

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Being the Grass

It’s been dew, dew, dew, yet I’ve hardly given its “influence” a thought. Continue reading

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Late-August Succession of Morning Sounds

A quiet woodsy morning evolves into a wake-up call. Continue reading

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Acorns in July

“Oak corn, that is ac-corn, or acorn,”  (from Thoreau’s Wild Fruits) July 31.  It’s 7 AM and acorns are pelting my car, which is parked in the driveway near the open window where I sit writing.  A sunny summer day … Continue reading

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If you’re going to talk dirt, do it right – from Haaretz

Earth Day gives us an opportunity to explore Hebrew terms for earth, land and soil. Read the full article in Haaretz: On Root / If you’re going to talk dirt, do it right “Thus Hebrew distinguishes between the nuances of … Continue reading

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