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Being the Grass

It’s been dew, dew, dew, yet I’ve hardly given its “influence” a thought. Continue reading

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Starting Over in a Different Frame of Mind

Not only different objects are presented to our attention at different seasons of the year, but we are in a different frame of body and of mind to appreciate different objects at different seasons. I see one thing when it is cold and another when it is warm.

Journal, November 17, 1858.

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Ghost Boat, Part I

Henry David Thoreau secretly studied Biblical Hebrew while he lived in the cabin at Walden Pond. Continue reading

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Literary Walk at Walden Pond #1

I had great fun at the first of four Wednesdays-in-September literary walks at Walden Pond yesterday, on the 18th of Elul. I did my homework by rereading Thoreau’s essay “Walking” (1862) while floating around the Pond in my kayak. Easterly … Continue reading

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Holiday of Love: Happy Tu b’Av

Happy Tu b’Av!  “Tu” is an abbreviation for the number 15, and “Av”is the current Jewish month.  This holiday is about  matchmaking, finding true love, and dancing in white.  So, “Happy 15th of Av!” Note the full moon, which indicates … Continue reading

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Event on June 28: To Every Thing There Is a Season

Thursday, June 28, 2012 7:30-9:00 PM Kerem Shalom, Concord, MA Do you agree that “there’s nothing new under the sun”? In Walden, Thoreau “went to the woods to front only the essential facts of life.” Thousands of years earlier, … Continue reading

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More Cerulean Than the Sky Itself

My “cerulean” Crayola crayon melted last summer, forsaken in my hot car, which was parked in Historic Concord Center while I attended the Annual Gathering of the Thoreau Society.  All that remained were the crayon’s solidified, barely legible paper wrapper … Continue reading

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