Starting Over in a Different Frame of Mind

Not only different objects are presented to our attention at different seasons of the year, but we are in a different frame of body and of mind to appreciate different objects at different seasons. I see one thing when it is cold and another when it is warm.  — Henry D. Thoreau’s Journal, November 17, 1858.

Sometimes I perceive my “different frame of mind” when I have a new reaction to something I’ve read before.  I might learn something new from an old text.  I might notice something that was always there but somehow didn’t speak to me until now.  Not because it is different, but because I am.

This week, with the holidays having just ended, Jews around the world begin reading the Torah again from the beginning of the scroll, where it says, in Hebrew, “In the beginning…”  Sometimes it’s so delicious to start over in a different frame of mind.

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